HEYY so for a very short update on my website! I have just changed the theme of my main page and I am currently in LOVE!!! I love the movie ponyo and the jellyfishes are adorable! My next "project" is updating my art page and FINALLY uploading art. They are going to be from the zines that are out/coming out. I just need to wait for the next issue to come to start workingg, and I need to decide a new theme for that page! I like the idea of having a different theme every page so I am excited to design the next one!! Anyways I promise to update soon I love you guys <3
Sorry for not updating in awhilee school has been getting in the way but I am back now! There isn't much to update about but plans for my website. I am going to soon customize my art webpage once I get scanns of my art work! I am also soon going to be releasing maybe some poetry? Or some sort of writing that will feature very much horror/gore factors with dark topics. I am also going to soon be releasing a zine but its a WIP as I need to figure out how I want my characters to be presented with topics on each page. But thats pretty much itt!!
My first blog post of the new year! I am so sorry for not updating my blog as much as possible I have been really busy. My new years resolution is to protect my peace, which is to stop stressing, avoid any drama or conflict, and in general for me to just be happy. So when it came to the not stessing part I just told myself "when I have the time I will update the blog." And that time is nowww. School is doing well I am mostly focusing on getting exempt from the finals which I hope to suceed. iwouldvekilledtoseeit the art collective I am in is soon releasing a new issue and I am so excited to share my art work on that! But other than that theres nothing much going on!!
A lot has been happening ever since chrsitmas break has started! First the art collective I am in had a market! In my opinon we were pretty successful selling around 15 zines with many other intrested in getting out next copy! I am so happy people are enjoying our art and supporting our group. We also have a instagram and a website(WIP.) The website is and the instragram is @iwouldvekilledtoseeit. Our next zine is soon to come out and I got my page done and once it is released I will share it on my art page!!! Other than that I passed all my finals and no longer have to worry about schoolll : )
Hello welcome to my website! I been working on this for quite awhile now because school kept on getting in the way BUT I can finally upload it!!! I am so happy for you guys to see all my little posts on here about my intrests. Right now I am soon going to be selling a zine with the art collective I am in, iwouldvekilledtoseeit! I am so excited and when we get more stuff up like social medias and a website I will make sure to post about it :)